The Platform of choice for industry leaders

The Arrayent Connect Platform is an Internet of Things platform that enables trusted consumer brands to implement connected products and systems.

Word of Mouth

  • "We sought a communication platform that will support a wide range of Pentair Internet-connected products. The Arrayent Connect Platform provides an economic, enterprise-level solution for all our Internet-connected residential product needs."
    Bob Miller
    CFO Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems
  • "After exhaustive investigation we determined that Arrayent's technology was the perfect match for meeting our cost and reliability goals for connecting LiftMaster products to the Internet, and at the same time enabling an easy installation process."
    Mark Karasek, Ph.D.
    Executive VP Engineering and CTO
  • "Arrayent's cloud service will enable us to offer a fully-featured connected safety product line at a very attractive price point."
    Mark Devine
    SVP Marketing
  • "There are companies that claim to have a low-latency, scalable connectivity platform to connect consumer products to smartphone apps. Arrayent is delivering it."
    Warwick Stirling
    Senior Director Energy and Sustainability
  • "SALUS searched the market extensively for an Internet connectivity platform that met both our cost and simple installation requirements. Arrayent's commercial advantage and expertise was set apart through their demonstrated customer connected product success."
    Dean Jepson
    Managing Director
  • "Over the years Monster has made use of various home networking schemes. We were searching for a way to connect our products to smartphones and tablets with a much lower cost per connection, and a faster installation process. Arrayent was the first company to deliver all three."
    Vern Smith
    Director Business Development

Case Studies

Selling More with Whirlpool

Connected products are proving to be a game changer for Whirlpool. At best, appliance manufacturers like Whirlpool interact with their customers once every ten years — whenever the customers purchase a new appliance. Now, the Arrayent Connect Platform enables Whirlpool to engage their customers on a weekly basis, which means more satisfied customers and a deeper understanding of how customers interact with Whirlpool products.
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Increasing Convenience with LiftMaster

LiftMaster’s new portfolio of connected garage door openers sets the bar for customer convenience by enabling customers to monitor and control their garage doors from their smartphones. The garage door openers communicate wirelessly using LiftMaster’s patented MyQ protocol and connect to the Internet via the Arrayent Connect Platform.
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Smart Service with Monster

Monster Products uses the Arrayent Connect Platform to connect their line of HTUPS (Home Theater Uninterruptible Power Supply) 3700 products to the Internet, which enables their installers to remotely monitor products in the field. Remote management adds up to significant savings for installers because the average truck roll to service an installed product costs $125. At the same time, remote management helps installers diagnose and solve customer complaints faster and sustain their business relationships with homeowners, which improves customer satisfaction.
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Smart Asset Management with Maytag Connect 360° ™ System

After an exhaustive search, Maytag Commercial Laundry® selected Arrayent to provide the communication platform for their Maytag Connect 360 system. Major factors in the final decision were Arrayent’s ‘just works’ install process and scalable application delivery platform. An equally important factor in the decision by Maytag Commercial Laundry® was Arrayent’s proven track record with industry-leading, household name brands, including Chamberlain, Mattel, and Monster Products.
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In the know

Thought Leaders:

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    As we’ve said before, successful products are victories of verification. But even when things go wrong, the Internet of Things provides solutions that are dramatically better than the alternatives available for non-connected products. Today the CEO of Nest, Tony Fadell, issued an urgent warning to the owners of Nest Protect…

  • What’s the Value of a Connected Customer? $443 Per Year

    “How and why does Amazon charge so little for its gadgets? Both questions are answered with one single stat. During a single year, Kindle owners spend, on average, $443 more buying stuff from Amazon than the average Amazon shopper who does not own a Kindle… Amazon sells Kindles cheap – perhaps at a loss…

In the News:

  • Shane Dyer on Google’s Acquisition of Nest

    “…With concerns about the way Google handles its users’ privacy, the acquisition could pose a challenge for Nest. Nest’s two products collect all sorts of information on people’s living habits…” “Consumers will continue to look to trusted brands like Whirlpool, First Alert and Chamberlain/LiftMaster for simple [Internet of Things] integrations…

  • Talking Siloes and Security with MIT Technology Review

    “Most of the connected home products on show at CES and available on the market today aren’t yet able to link up to those systems. And other companies made announcements at the show suggesting they plan to go it alone, releasing ranges of smart home gadgets only compatible with each…