IoT Platform Overview

The Arrayent Connect Platform is an IoT platform that enables you to connect your products to value-added smartphone and web applications with unprecedented low-cost and simplicity. Arrayent’s IoT platform has been optimized to maximize your product sales by:

  • Keeping hardware costs at a minimum by keeping devices simple and pushing complexity to the cloud.
  • Scaling to support millions of devices. Arrayent’s IoT platform reliably and securely connects your products to the Internet for the same low rate, whether you’re connecting ten thousand or ten million.

Arrayent IoT Platform 2015IoT Platform Components

There are four components that make up Arrayent’s IoT platform:

Arrayent Connect Agent

The Arrayent Connect Agent helps embedded developers bring reliable connected products to market. The Agent functions as a firmware module that manages your device’s session with the Arrayent Cloud and abstracts these responsibilities away from your embedded development team, enabling you to focus your resources on delivering a great product experience to your customers. The Agent currently supports Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave local area networks and Linux or FreeRTOS computing platforms from top silicon vendors such as ARM, Broadcom, Texas Instruments, and Marvell. And thanks to the cross-platform design of the agent, Arrayent can quickly spin up support for other platforms in response to customer demand.

Arrayent Connect Cloud

The Arrayent Connect Cloud is the heart of the Arrayent IoT platform. It essentially is a cloud-based Internet of Things operating system. It hosts your virtualized device, the digital copy of your physical device which mobiles apps connect to. The Arrayent Connect Cloud delivers a growing list of features that add value to and extend the functionality of your products, such as alerts, over-the-air firmware updates, time series storage for data analysis, data services, user account management, and more.

Arrayent Mobile Framework

The Arrayent Mobile Framework helps mobile app developers rapidly bring intuitive, reliable apps to market. The engine abstracts away the complexities involved with using the Arrayent M2M platform lower-level web service API and interfaces to a presentation layer so that you can focus on building unique, branded user interfaces for your products.

Arrayent Insights

The Arrayent Insights (AI) product family delivers business intelligence reports common to all your products, such as device locations, device-app interactions, peak usage trends, and more. Arrayent Insights aggregates, normalizes, filters and delivers your device data to visualization dashboards, batch exports of periodic or time series data, as well as real-time event publishing framework API.

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