About Arrayent

Arrayent is driving the future of IoT and connected products

Arrayent provides an IoT Cloud Platform-as-a-Service that has enabled over 17 consumer brands to launch 70+ products across 5 continents into 82 countries. Arrayent’s three IoT Cloud Services benefit manufacturers by: 1) transforming traditional products into connected devices, 2) acquiring and transmitting usage & device data in formats that power business intelligence systems, and 3) enabling device interoperability through cloud-to-cloud integration with major 3rd-party ecosystems. Arrayent has been helping mass-market consumer products companies develop opportunities and channels for new, innovative products for over a decade and is a recognized leader in the industry.

Trusted Brands Choose Arrayent

Arrayent works with many of the world’s most respected brands and has helped them launch and manage over 70 products across five continents. Some of the global brands that use Arrayent’s IoT Cloud Services today include:

Recognized as a Leading IoT Consumer Cloud

Arrayent has amassed a number of accolades in the past years for leading the consumer IoT Cloud services market:

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