Arrayent Markets



Major appliances have special requirements when connecting them to the Internet. Arrayent has pioneered bringing connectivity to the biggest appliance brands in the business. Arrayent technologies such as our Device Protocol Interpreter, Firmware Update Manager and Ecosystem Adaptors makes it simple to connect appliances to the Internet and enable to interoperate with other smart devices in the home. Arrayent customers in this segment include Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Maytag Commercial Laundry, Bauknecht, and Brastemp.



Smaller appliances and electronic devices—a.k.a. ‘Electrics’—bring an entirely new set of connectivity challenges plus a wide array of data models for different use cases. Arrayent excels in helping manufacturers of innovative mass-market electronics to quickly and cost-effectively connect them, efficiently acquire data, and enable interoperability with 3rd-party smart home products and services. Arrayent customers in this segment include Febreze Home, and Schumacher.



Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and water controls share a lot of commonality with ‘electrics,’ but also have peculiarities all their own. Arrayent’s system architecture provides benefits particularly useful for home environment controls including extremely low latency, high scalability and cost efficiency. Arrayent customers in this segment include Salus Controls EU, Pentair, and Braeburn.



The lighting industry has changed rapidly with the advent of LED lamps and communication chipsets that are inexpensive enough to embed in every bulb. Arrayent’s Connect Cloud Service provides near-instantaneous control of lighting. Arrayent’s Insight Service produces data and learning that can help lighting companies better understand how people are using and living with their products. Arrayent customers in this segment include OSRAM in Europe and Sylvania in North America.


Access & Security

Points of access—such as connected door locks, gates, garage doors and security systems—can improve the user experience for all household members. Arrayent can provide the ability for access & security brands to engage with consumers as they never have before, especially with the interoperability made possible by the EcoAdaptor Cloud Service. Arrayent customers in this segment include Chamberlain, Liftmaster in North America & Europe, Anlin in China and Dome in North America.



Wellness products are well suited for Arrayent’s IoT cloud architecture since typical use cases include multiple wellness and/or fitness devices used by a consumer in their home. Arrayent customers in this segment include Ambio Health.